New Zealand

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This is the Loaded Hog.  By far the best place in Viaduct Basin to hang out. I met everyone from a bunch of travelers to a professional rugby team and even the ESPN crew here.


Apparently this guy shows up at all the America's Cup regattas in his "Woody".  This photo was taken on the last day just before he pulled out his "The Fat Lady Has Sung" sign.  Check him out at

This is an overhead shot of the Viaduct Basin.  On the lower left, extending toward the center of the photo are the America's Cup syndicates bases.  On the right are the super yachts that were in Auckland for the event.

This shot is taken just to the right of the other overhead photo.  The center is the super yachts, on the right is where the cruise ships dock.

This is the Cousteau Society boat.  Sir Peter Blake has been selected to take on this boat's mission of scientific exploration



This is a brand new super yacht that has just finished construction.  Normally I wouldn't bother to put up this picture, but there is a good story.  One night during the AC2000 finals, some lady got loaded and decided she would steal the boat.  Somehow she got past security and hopped on the boat.  She fired up the engines and put them to full throttle.  Of course in the state she was in, she didn't think to put the transmission in gear.  The noise from the engines woke the captain and she was arrested.  Anyway, I thought it was a funny story.

This is a shot of the Auckland skyline taken from the Hauraki Gulf.  The weird tower in the middle that looks like a big hypodermic needle is where I was when I took the overhead shots above. 

In the center of this photo is New Zealand's "Big Boat".  This was the boat that NZ used to challenge after the US got the cup back from Australia.  Of course, Dennis Conner showed up with a catamaran, and retained the Cup.

Leave it to Dennis Conner to fly a big ass American flag in Auckland after all the Americans had been eliminated from the Cup.

While TeamDC was over the top with much of their display, I have to say that they did have the most impressive compound.