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Here I am at the helm of an America's Cup Class boat.  Just after this picture was taken, we got hit with a pretty good puff of wind and the boat healed quite a bit.  I loved it, but right in front of me was an old guy who probably had never been on a sailboat before.  When the boat healed he slid all the way across the boat and ended up on the leeward side with waves crashing on top of him.  From then on, he made sure he had a good hold of something solid at all times.

With all the sailing I've done in my life, I have never been on a boat with coffee grinders.  So of course I had to jump onto the handles and see what all the fuss was about.  Probably the toughest part of the sail was hoisting the main.  It seemed to take forever to get that huge hunk of Kevlar up the stick.


Here's what an ACC boat's main looks like from onboard the boat.  As you can see, that is one big main sail!